Michele Sass began her educational advocating career with her own daughter. Her daughter has a severe vision impairment and, while her daughter was receiving some academic accommodations at her school, Michele knew there must be more accommodations and resources available to students with disabilities.

So she decided not to rely solely on others, dug in her heels and began to research and identify additional academic and testing accommodations available and necessary for her daughter to perform to her highest ability in the classroom and on tests, including standardized tests (PSAT/SAT/AP/ACT/ISEE).

After Michele’s daughter was initially denied the appropriate accommodations from College Board (SAT and AP) and ACT, Michele sought out information from a number of professionals and became intimately familiar with the rules and regulations of those testing organizations. She combined her passion for her child with her regulatory compliance skills from her previous career and became a force to be reckoned with. She learned what is necessary to gain accommodations for students with disabilities and developed what she refers to as a “Comprehensive Substantiation Packet.” Michele also enrolled in Continuing Education classes on IEP’s and 504’s and has done further research on various disabilities and their associated accommodations.

Since then, Michele has put her passion for helping others and her skills in accommodations advocacy, to work for other students with learning and other disabilities and has a proven track record of gaining accommodations for her clients.

Michele believes that the success of a student is best achieved through a team approach – the school, the parents and the student. She also believes that it is important for the student to gain a full understanding of their disability and how it affects their learning so they can learn to fully advocate for themselves.

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