When we realized that my son would need accommodations for the college entrance exams, we felt overwhelmed and stressed about how to handle the process. A friend recommended Michele Sass and from the first moment we met, I felt a huge sense of relief. We were clearly in the hands of an experienced professional who was very knowledgable about the ins and outs of the system. She left no stone unturned when it came to getting all the paperwork and recommendations we needed to have the most success. My son has ended up at his dream college and when it came time to get our daughter started on testing accommodations, Michele was our first call. Again she helped us successfully gain accommodations for my daughter. She really took all of the guess work out of the process and kept us moving in an organized and efficient fashion. Michele was a gift during this very stressful process.”

– N. Lincoln (Hawken School Parent) 

“Michele’s sage advice was instrumental in helping me obtain ACT testing accommodations for my daughter. Her words of wisdom encouraged me to press for small group testing, as well as additional time and the ability for her to take the test over multiple days. I would not have thought it possible to get these accommodations but we did. Thank you Michele for helping and guiding me in this process.”

 – J. Cahn (Shaker Heights Parent)

“As a mother of four teenagers (three of whom have significant learning disabilities compounded with health issues), it is difficult to stay on top of all of my responsibilities.  I met Michele at a time when I was feeling overwhelmed by the standardized testing and college application process for two of my children. As two of many students that the school’s learning specialist was dealing with, I wanted to make sure that every “I” was dotted and “T” was crossed at such an important juncture of their educational careers.  Michele’s vast knowledge of the accommodations available and necessary documentation that I needed to acquire was invaluable. She took the work and the worry out of the process and allowed me to focus on my kids, rather than the research and paperwork. Both of my juniors qualified for all of the requested accommodations (including testing over multiple days, extended time, use of MP3, use of keyboard and marking answers in a test booklet) and now I’m confident that when it comes to the ACTS/SATS and AP exams, they will be competing on a leveled playing field.”

– S. Crowley (University School Parent)

“Michele’s insights, knowledge, and advice have been invaluable as my daughter and I have navigated the ACT and College Board and now college accommodations process.  Had we not had Michele’s guidance re: proper doctors to go to “who get the reporting and necessary documentation,” the likelihood of garnering all that my daughter needed for the College Board and ACT tests would have been slim to none. Her insights of what to ask for, for the 504 were also invaluable as it helped guide her teachers and counselors with scheduling, testing needs, and so forth.  Most importantly, all that was garnered from Michele’s expertise has now come to play as we are for the first time working with the University of Michigan’s accommodations team.  Again, all the doctor reports, testing, College Board accommodations granted in high school came into play and greatly assisted with her receiving what she needs to succeed at the next level.  We are most grateful and know that Michele can be of great help to many as they embark on this process.”

– C. Immerman (Shaker Heights Parent)

“Michele Sass brings a powerful combination of fiery passion and profound empathy to her work on behalf of students.  She has a sharp eye for spotting the disconnect between a student’s at-school accommodations plan and the test-specific accommodations that will allow a student’s true capacities to shine on standardized tests.  Michele is a go to resource in our community.”

– Tim Tibbitts (The Whole Kid)