Services Offered

The process begins with an initial consultation followed by a thorough review of the student’s educational history, evaluations and educational/testing accommodations.

The services provided are as follows:  

  • Identify and recommend accommodations for standardized testing (PSAT/SAT/AP/ACT/ISEE) which are substantiated by the student’s psychoeducational evaluation.   
  • Identify additional “standardized test-specific” accommodations that may be needed by the student, based on documentation/evaluations from physicians, specialists, therapists, etc.
  • Determine if prior evaluations/reports are current and sufficient based on the testing organization’s guidelines and whether any re-evaluations are required.
  • Provide recommendations for additional documentation to support the accommodations request.
  • Recommend revisions to student’s educational plan (IEP/504 and/or private school educational plan) to include all of the “standardized- test specific” accommodations.
  • Draft a cover letter for College Board and/or ACT which summarizes all of the requested accommodations and substantiation.  
  • Organize and assemble the required substantiating materials into a “Comprehensive Substantiation Packet” in order for the school to apply for accommodations.  
  • Provide referrals for outstanding psychological testing, academic tutoring, skill building, essay writing and standardized test preparation.
  • Provide guidance on the college search process as related to accommodations accessibility and anonymity in the search process.